Take the first steps to health

Do you find a visit to the gym a little daunting?

Do you need to tone up after birth?

Maybe you’re recovering from a long-term illness or operation and need some support? Then why not pay a visit to Feelgood in Ivybridge, who offer a range of gentle power-assisted exercise equipment in addition to their Mind Move Magic sessions – a chair base exercise, which is suitable for people who are new to exercise or have limited mobility.

After being diagnosed in 2010 with M.E., chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, Sam Dobson began to comfort eat as her days were largely spent in bed sleeping off the pain.

At an all-time high of 24 stone, her only way of moving around the house was by using a stick to aid balance, and enjoying time outdoors with her family required the use of a wheelchair.

When admitted to hospital in 2015 with pneumonia, the consultant told her she would have to make changes in her life or to face the fact that her life could be cut short. Sam began to search for answers. With the help of a life coach, step by step, her life began to change, eventually retraining as a personal trainer.

Sam Dobson, personal trainer at Feelgood, said: “Life is full of ebb and flow, learning to ride the waves and not fear when times are challenging.

“I wanted to share this with others going through similar life challenges as I had.

“Thanks to Meeting Margot and Maddy and becoming one of the team at Feelgood, Ivybridge, I now have the perfect platform to do just that, assisting others on their journey, whether it’s weight loss, loneliness, fitness, or health. We can support and empower those who choose to change.”

Sam now runs the Mind Move Magic – a chair-based exercise class that encourages those who are unsteady on their feet, lacking in confidence, or wanting to start to move and exercise to live and enjoy the life they want.

The session runs from 11am till noon on Mondays working on mind – mindset, gratitude, breathing; move – 30 minutes of strength, stretch and cool down; and magic – meditation and relaxation.

To find out more, contact them on 01752 895598.